The Koan Practice is a well-established group practice

We have been providing long-term and affordable psychotherapy in London for over two decades.

'Koan RC Counselling' offers in person counselling at reduced-costs while providing in-house supervision to our trainee therapists to ensure the highest quality of clinical work.

Could counselling help me?

When we experience problems in life, sometimes we feel overwhelmed by negative thoughts and emotions.
It is often more helpful to talk to a trained counsellor rather than talking to friends or family members. But why?

It can be a great relief to share your worries and fears with someone who acknowledges your feelings and thoughts objectively and guides you through challenging times.

Counselling offers an exploration into your issues and difficult feelings in a safe and confidential environment.

Your counsellor is trained to listen sympathetically without judgement, and will encourage you to talk about what’s troubling you in order to bring to light the root causes.

Introducing the

Reduced Cost
Counselling Scheme


Am I eligible?

Our reduced cost counselling service is for UK residents who are in education, unemployed or have limited financial means.

Applications for reduced cost therapy should be made by email or SMS. 

Please note that we cannot offer appointments under the reduced cost therapy scheme to someone who is seeking therapy as part of their clinical training to become a psychotherapist.

great, i'm eligible.
so how do i start?

The first step is to book an online assessment meeting with one of our assessment therapists.

This is an opportunity to discuss with the therapist whether our services might be useful to you; whether a counselling intervention might be the right approach for your unique, individual issues.

This consultation take about 50 minutes, in which the therapist will make an assessment as to if you would be suitable to work with one of our trainee therapists. 

In some cases, a client’s need might require a more experienced therapist. If this is the case for you, we may suggest appropriate alternatives for you.

If you’re interested in booking the assessment meeting, please contact us via email or SMS. Please note that we do not accept online applications/bookings for the reduced cost counselling scheme.

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What's next?

After the assessment meeting, we arrange weekly in person sessions in our central London consulting room with one of our trainee therapists.

The offer for the weekly appointments is subject to the outcome of the assessment meeting. The weekly appointments with the trainee therapist takes place at Bentinck House, London W1W 6AB.

Due to high demands for the reduced cost therapy service, there may be a waiting period of a number of weeks to be placed with a trainee therapist (usually within 2-10 weeks).

Although we try to offer appointments within your preferred days/times, please note that you would be expect to accommodate to our availability as much as possible.

Sessions with our trainee therapists are at the same day/time of week every week.

Our Fees

Initial Consultation


Initial consultations (assessment) have a flat rate of £50.00

no income full time student


Our lowest fee is reserved for full time students over 18


income less than 15,000 p/a


For those with an annual income of less than 15K

Income OF 15,000-20,000 p/a


For those with an annual income between 15K and 20K

income OF 20,000 p/a or More


For those with an annual income 20K or more 

Cancellation Policy

There is a £10 cancellation fee for appointments cancelled with 48 hours notice.

The full appointment fee is payable if the appointment is cancelled without 48 hours notice

If a client cancels 3 consecutive appointments or more, the full appointment fee is payable by the client from the third cancelled appointment onwards.

If the client cancels 3 appointments within the space of 6 weeks, the full appointment fees payable by the client from the third cancelled appointment onwards.

07. phone 2.1
07. phone 2.1

Contact Us:

Please feel free to contact us by email, call or SMS if you have any questions or concerns about our service, or if you want to book an initial assessment meeting.

Email us:

Text or call us: 07305 056625